spring flowers blooming

My Own Spring Awakening

If winter is the time for stillness and introspection, spring is the season for awakening—for stretching our legs and exploring the world.
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flowers reflecting in sunlight

A Season of Change

As the world around us thaws and blossoms, new truths about God catch our attention in everyday ways. Let your observation of the changes brought by spring point your soul back to the resurrection.
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Prayers to a Listening Heaven

When I am hiking in the woods on spring mornings, I like that I am dwarfed by trees. I appreciate that I am outnumbered by animals and insects who see me when I cannot see them.
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spring flowers

‘Summer in the Light, and Winter in the Shade’

In this time of transition in nature, we might also find ourselves in a type of spiritual transition during Lent.
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Two white lilies

Journey Toward Rebirth

Reflect During the weeks of Lent, we embrace the sorrowful mystery of Christ’s death, knowing we are always journeying toward rebirth.  Pray Dear Jesus, Throughout these desolate forty days, our faith in yougrows buds of hopethat we know will soon unfoldbecause you’ve ...
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Spring flowers in the breeze

Let Us Pray: Spring Awakenings

When we extract ourselves from the noise of the world and quiet our minds for a conversation with God, that is when our hearts should be purest.
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