Pause + Pray

‘Summer in the Light, and Winter in the Shade’

spring flowers


In Great Expectations, Charles Dickens astutely described how a March day can present itself: “When it is summer in the light, and winter in the shade.” In this time of transition in nature, we might also find ourselves in a type of spiritual transition during Lent. In spring, the cold and seemingly deathlike quality of winter is juxtaposed with the warmth and abundance of summer. It’s fitting that we walk through Lent—which homes in on the mystery of death and new life—during a time when such dynamic forces are at play.


The renewal we see in nature around us these days
Is a reminder of the deep potential for 
A rebirth of our spirits.
May we embrace the opportunity to grow
With the same grace as the trees and plants
Now showing the first signs of new buds.
Rouse our souls from their winter sleep,
So we might blossom in this garden of humanity.


When you think of the season of spring, what image pops into your mind? Whatever it might be (melting ice and snow, green pastures, a baby bird), intentionally hold onto that image for a bit longer. Pray and/or journal about what that image represents for your experience of Lent this year.

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