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Remain in Me

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Our faith is not supposed to fluctuate based on circumstances and emotions. Jesus says in John 15:4, “Remain in me, as I remain in you.” Through the cross and resurrection, Jesus promises to be with us always, in all things, through all things. All we are asked to do is to keep our gaze up and to keep our hearts locked in. Then, our faith and relationships will grow deeper and deeper.


This Lenten season,
Show us how you’re preparing our hearts
for what’s to come.
Allow us to feel a love so steadfast,
a comfort so peaceful,
a mercy so strong,
that the winter of our souls might melt away
and may we become fertile ground for
you to plant your word.


Take a walk today and remind yourself and God of the promises he’s made to you. Have faith in them, and keep hope alive.

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