Pause + Pray

Accept Uncertainty

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Many of the things that affect us are out of our control. Today, let’s pray for radical acceptance to live in the grace of God, unattached to specific outcomes.


Creator of heaven and earth,
nothing that happens escapes your knowledge.
You know what makes me anxious,
you know what fills me with fear and dread.
You know, too, the desires of my heart.
You know what I long for and what I work for.
You know the outcomes for which I hope.
Today, I rest in the truth that you knowing me is enough.
I cannot control much, but I can choose to believe
you will be with me come what may.
So, today I pray for the ability to radically accept
that which I am asked to accept, knowing I am never alone.
And I am always loved.


Sit still for a few moments with your palms turned upward in a gesture of freedom. Take three deep breaths, slowly inhaling and exhaling, and say this prayer, “Jesus, I trust in you.”

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