Pause + Pray

Prayer for Children amid War

Ukrainian girl


There is a profound powerlessness in seeing how the world’s wars impact children, the most vulnerable of all. It’s unimaginable, what they are enduring. Today can we imagine these children in our hearts, and surround them with the light of Christ’s love?


I pray to you today, Jesus,
allowing myself to trust that you,
with your wounds, are with the children.
You understand their anguish and as you weep,
your tears mingle with theirs.
Comfort them God, especially at sundown,
when their terror-filled skies turn even scarier, darker.
Help them find sleep through the shredded hours of night.
May they know you are there.


Tonight, before you turn off your lamp, light a candle nearby. As you fall asleep, send them hope, these vulnerable little ones, so far away. Let the candle burn through the night.

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