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Lent is not a marathon. It is not a competition to see who can hold out the longest on their Lenten sacrifice. It is not a race of who can do the most Lenten devotionals. We can rest in Lent. We can find Christ in the stillness of that rest. Try to not let this Lent be a checklist of what you must do, but rather a season of stillness when you make your own journey to the foot of the cross.


God of rest,
You know what true stillness is, and you beckon our hearts to it.
May we know rest this Lenten season,
May we know that Christ lives with us in the stillness.
With every breath, beckon us to come and rest.


Take an evening this week and simply allow yourself to be still. Whether that is in your room, on a walk, or on a drive, sit and let that stillness live and breathe in you. Allow it to ground you as you prepare to journey to the cross to encounter the promise of the Resurrection story.

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