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Gentleness of You

Can we begin the morning in the most gentle way possible? Simply being? Just knowing in the silence that God is already here.
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Your Life Is Never God’s Plan B

Friend, your life is never God’s plan B. His will for your life is not second-best. The dreams God put on your heart are not leftovers or afterthoughts.
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woman drawing a heart.

Give Yourself Some Love

We all have times in our lives when we get down on ourselves. It might be about the way we look, something we did or said, or what we see as personal weaknesses.
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Woman looking in a mirror

I Am ‘the Other’ to Someone Else

Reflect It’s easy to look around and identify someone who lives in the shadows of our society. But sometimes, when I look in the proverbial mirror, I see a stranger looking back at me. “How could I have said that ...
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man with a jar of light | Photo by Kyle Wong on Unsplash

Franciscan Inspirations: Don’t Think Little of Yourself!

I hate to see people suffer because they worry about the wrong things and misread what God thinks of them. They feel guilty for past sins—sins for which they have been forgiven.
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A sad man looking out a window on a rainy day

Jesus’ Forgotten Commandment: Forgive Yourself

The key to loving your neighbor is learning how to love yourself.
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