Mental Health Counseling

Holy, Wholly Healthy: The Stigma of Mental Illness

As Christians, we speak of respecting all life but, in reality, we often neglect people with mental illness.
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Helping Teens in Crisis 

Data show teens continue to struggle with mental health. Helping to address the problem is a moral obligation and will require support from all of us. 
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Recognize. Reframe. Repeat.

A Franciscan therapist offers practical tips rooted in prayer to help ease our anxiety.
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Dove flying near a human head

Editorial: Erasing the Stigma of Mental Illness

For those who love somebody struggling with mental illness, our job is to be fully present and listen without prejudice. 
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A Catholic Response to the Mental Health Crisis

Behind the statistics, facts, and figures on our nation's mental health crisis are human beings. How the Church and we respond can save lives and help get people who are suffering the help they need.
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Confronting Teen Suicide

Young people have never been more connected or more isolated. A psychologist and a teen advocate for suicide prevention shed light on this crisis.
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