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God’s Plan Is Joy

Joy sees the world as God intended; it is a reaction to all God is doing in our lives now and in the future.
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Man jumping full of joy

Cultivating Joy

Joy is contagious—and it costs nothing to share it with those around us. Remind someone close that they are loved and cherished.
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Sprinkles of Joy

Reflect One of my nightly rituals is checking my email to find messages from my husband, their subject lines indicating they’re from our online local newspaper. They’re his favorite comics from that morning’s read, ones he’s carefully curated: Zits, Peanuts, ...
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Three signs spelling out the word joy

Be Joyful

Reflect With everything going on in our communities and in the greater world, it’s hard to be happy. But St. Francis of Assisi showed us that joy should not only be sought—it should be cherished boldly. Pray God of joy,your ...
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Kids giggling

The Importance of Being Happy

God wants us to be joyful, but sometimes life makes that hard. Here are some tips.
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