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Be Joyful

Three signs spelling out the word joy


With everything going on in our communities and in the greater world, it’s hard to be happy. But St. Francis of Assisi showed us that joy should not only be sought—it should be cherished boldly.


God of joy,
your servant, Francis, understood
mental and physical anguish.
His life wasn’t easy, yet he was filled with total joy.
A troubadour for God,
Francis journeyed the world to share your song
and never lost his childlike wonder for Christ.
In my own time,
I want to mirror his jubilant spirit—
to greet the day with joy-filled gladness.
Our bodies age and our minds slow down,
but let us never abandon the joy
that comes from being a child of God.
Francis cleared that path.
I will try to walk it every day of my life.


Close your eyes and think of a time when you were genuinely happy. If it isn’t right now, make it so.


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