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Waiting, Waiting

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“The Lord is good to those who wait for him.”—Nahum 1:7a

Waiting. It can be so hard! We carefully plan out timetables, make out schedules, and move forward full of expectation. Then, unexpected scenarios so frequently pop up. They get in our way and confound our plans. It can be aggravating; but if we pause for just a moment or two and ask God to guide us through these hiccups, we find that our time of interruption—of waiting for our schedules to return to routine, or veer to a different path—can be a time of grace and holy growth, ripe with unforeseen graces.


Oh Prophet Nahum,
When I have those times of unanticipated waiting,
Please pray that I will remember that God is with me—
that through the time of shift and pause,
I may grow spiritually and receive God’s good direction.


Pull out your Bible and slowly read Nahum’s full verse (Nahum 1:7). What other words in this verse by Nahum have meaning to you? How might you shift or grow from this one Old Testament verse?


3 thoughts on “Waiting, Waiting”

  1. I too can be a stuck in the mud and don’t like it when a monkey wrench is thrown into the works. But as the old saying goes, “If you want to be in business, then you have to be flexible.” I think when one reads the Bible a little closer, I realize that God is teaching us how to succeed in life and also as to what is truly important. Or as that one ancient Greek playwright Theophrastus once said, “Time is the most valuable thing a man can spend.”

  2. Romulus Iradiel Masigon

    Thank you very much. It’s really very difficult to be stucked in a place and time which I already have anticipated since I was a child. I’ve asked Our FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY before not to put me in a such situation that I am experiencing right now. But, HIS Commandments should be followed through thick and thin. Because, every Word of HIS is Everlasting Life.

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