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Sprinkles of Joy

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One of my nightly rituals is checking my email to find messages from my husband, their subject lines indicating they’re from our online local newspaper. They’re his favorite comics from that morning’s read, ones he’s carefully curated: Zits, Peanuts, Frazz, Pearls before Swine, Baby Blues, and Pickles, to name a few. This ritual brings me joy not only because I love following the characters and storylines of the strips, but also because watching me chuckle brings joy to him, who was clever enough to find the best comics.


God of joy,
Thank you for giving us special moments
when our lives are infused with surprises and happiness,
little treats to brighten our day.
On those days when we are burdened
with worries and challenges,
help us take the time to look for little moments
and gifts to lighten our mood.


Open your eyes and consciousness to receive gifts of joy from those around you today: a co-worker who bakes treats for the office, a bus driver who welcomes each passenger, a father across the church grasping his toddler’s hands to help him “conduct” the hymns. Is there a moment in your day when you can surprise someone with an act of joy or kindness?

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