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Where Is the Peace?

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In his poem “The Peace of Wild Things,” Wendell Berry writes about how peace can be found and experienced in the wild things found in nature. There is something healing, even freeing, about resting in the grace and beauty of the natural world.


Creative God,
The natural world around us is a sacrament to experience, touch, and learn from.
Connecting to the beautiful world around us is an opportunity
to become more grounded and rooted.
Help me not to take for granted the beauty of your creation.


Where do you find peace in the world around you? Make a list of all the things that help restore you on a deep level.

Patricia Breen

1 thought on “Where Is the Peace?”

  1. Arlene B. Muller

    My sense has always been to equate “wild” with “scary”, “dangerous”, even “bad” & “to be avoided” as much as humanly possible.
    But one day at an oral surgeon’s office I saw a program about animals that would be classified as “wild” in safe habitats & they were very peaceful & responsive to human care & affection.
    So I guess I shouldn’t be so quick to judge, to label & to be afraid. GOD made the wild creatures, too, & He has a purpose for their lives as well.

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