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Jesus, My Love!

I’m always intrigued with people’s last words before they pass on. Blessed Eleanor Arcangela’s (1460–1495) last words were, “Jesus, my love!”
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Notes from a Friar: A Closer Look at Heaven

Eternity will be the revelation not only of all God’s love and goodness, but also of all that we have meant to each other.
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Embracing Our Own Mortality

Living a deep, intentional, fully present, values-aligned life is one of the most pleasurable and satisfying things you can do in the face of your mortality.
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In Search of Answers

Reflect I am once again trying to wrap my head around the news of another school shooting. In the blink of an eye, another six people are gone, three of them children. As a mom, these constant shootings terrify me. ...
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The risen Jesus shows himself

‘We Will See Him’: An Easter Message

These bittersweet times are an opportunity for all of us, changed by the Risen Lord into joyful disciples, to touch the wounds of our weary world with hope, love, and faith in the power of the Resurrection.
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Let Us Pray: When Words Fall Short

How do I begin writing about prayer when I have not felt like praying?
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