Christ at Emmaus

The Light of Your Face

Reflect During the Eucharistic prayer, we hear the words, “Remember all who have died in your mercy; welcome them into the light of your face.” Who comes to mind when you hear this? Can you feel the comfort in your ...
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Eucharist Bread Wine

The Body of Christ

Reflect The centurion knew he was not worthy for Jesus to enter under the roof of his home, but his faith convinced him Jesus would heal his servant anyway. Pray Dear Jesus,I move along in the Communion line at Mass,and ...
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Basket of rustic loaves of bread

Daily Bread

Reflect We gather at holy and ordinary tables to connect, to be fed and nourished. What we taste, chew, and swallow feeds our bodies and strengthens us for prayer and service—for dwelling in God. Even while many are hungry, food ...
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people attend mass outside

Sharing Communion Is Rarely Permitted

May a Catholic give or invite a non-Catholic to receive holy Communion? Wouldn’t that promote our efforts toward ecumenism?
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