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The Body of Christ

Eucharist Bread Wine


The centurion knew he was not worthy for Jesus to enter under the roof of his home, but his faith convinced him Jesus would heal his servant anyway.


Dear Jesus,
I move along in the Communion line at Mass,
and I know I am not worthy for you to enter under the roof of my mouth—
this sinful mouth that stretches the truth,
fails to forgive or apologize,
and too often ingests foods and drinks that aren’t good for me.
And then the priest raises the host before me and says,
“The body of Christ.”
At that moment, I know your power will heal my mouth and my soul.
And I answer boldly,


The next time you receive the Eucharist, think about the roof of your mouth and Jesus’ powerful presence in a tiny wafer. When you answer, “Amen,” don’t whisper it gently; proclaim it loudly with power and conviction.

Colleen Arnold, MD

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