Pause + Pray

The Chalice of Your Heart

priest holding up a chalice with both hands


Mother Teresa wrote, “Let him empty and transform you, and afterward, fill the chalice of your heart to the brim.” How does this quote impact you today? Is your life in a season of emptiness or fullness?


Today, I take this divine image
and picture my own heart as a chalice.
How it is sometimes empty, aching for more.
Sometimes bursting, full.
But always reflecting all the light around me—
the peace of God’s table,
the hands reaching out toward Christ,
the healing stillness of night.
Hold my heart in your hands, God.
It’s yours.


Today, spend a moment thinking of the churches where you have received Communion. Give thanks for all the times the Eucharist was held in a chalice, and held out to you to receive.

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