Pause + Pray

Our Beloved Country

man holding American flag, transparent by sunlight


There are real problems in our beloved country, but we are here—in this place, in this moment—and are therefore called to be stewards of what we’ve received, in whatever state we received it. May we do the hard work to invest ourselves in a hope and liberty that unites us rather than doing the easy thing and caving to fear, hopelessness, or hate.


Today I pray for the land I love:
once a beacon for the broken
once a symbol of salvation,
before the bully had a bullhorn,
before we lost our reputation,
before revolution replaced reform,
before pundits preyed on fear,
cherry-picking information;
back when apathy was a luxury,
when leadership was expected,
when open discourse was the norm—
can our soul be resurrected?
Guide me, Lord, to love and serve,
to steward what you gave,
to refuse to cave to hopelessness
and clean up this mess we made.


When you become discouraged today by the state of our nation, allow that grief to exist and name your concerns. Get specific. But also surrender your frustration to God and ask yourself: How can I be a steward today of what I’ve received?

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