Pause + Pray

It Will Be Solved in the Walking

man is walking in the fields at sunrise


Solvitur ambulando! It will be solved by walking! It will be solved in the walking! Where there is movement—whether physical, spiritual, emotional, or intellectual—there is abundant life. When we move, we are open to new ideas. Movement encourages openness to new vistas and enables us to experience God’s mercies, which are new every morning. Let go of unhelpful attitudes, and experience the world through the eyes of others.


Moving God, whose Son walked the paths of Judea,
Inspire me to move in body, mind, and spirit.
Guide my steps toward new horizons
Of faithfulness and compassion.
Open my mind and heart to empathy and transformation.
Let me not be conformed to this world
But transformed by your renewing of my mind.


If you are physically able, go out for a walk. Notice your environment. Give thanks for beauty. Delight in sight and sound. If movement is a challenge, take time to gaze out your window or go to an outdoor space to see the world from a different perspective.

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