Catholic Saints

Illustration of Mary and Jesus

The Poverty of Christ

First and before all, Francis wanted to imitate the poverty of Christ. He was not pursuing an abstract ideal.
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A crucifix with Jesus hanging on a wall

A Heart Conformed to Christ

It is true that St. Francis, with his whole heart, wanted to imitate his Lord and Master.
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Sign that says less is more

Lovely Lady Poverty

This mystery of gospel poverty is the great desire of Francis’s heart and soul because it is the mystery of Christ, who is being born within Francis as Francis dies to himself to become like Christ.
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weak hands of an old person, folded in lap

St. Francis: Weak in Body, Strong in Spirit

The beauty of Francis’s world after his experience of the San Damiano cross is that it largely shielded him.
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man waiting at train station

Wait in Silence

I have found that if someone is going to work hard at being immersed in God, the effort should not be just in the praying itself but in becoming yourself a place of prayer.
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‘God Breaks through to Me’

What happens is that you realize that you cannot connect to God by sheer force of will or by a multitude of prayers.
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