Catholic Saints

‘God Breaks through to Me’

What happens is that you realize that you cannot connect to God by sheer force of will or by a multitude of prayers.
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multiple doorways

Remember to Remember God

I have tried to learn from St. Francis. In my home, pinned to the curtain of my front door, is a reminder—"Remember to remember God."
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foot of cross

Surrender All for Christ

Both Sts. Francis and Clare of Assisi recognized the importance of what happened at the cross as a model for Christian life.
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hands holding a cross

Take Up Your Cross

Those few friends and family members who stayed behind and perhaps risked their own lives for the sake of their friend and Lord have denied themselves to follow Jesus.
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woman being peaceful

‘My Grace Is Sufficient’

Be at peace in all things, because the enemy, who always fishes in troubled waters, takes advantage of our discouragement to achieve his intentions more readily.
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Statue of St. Francis | Image by Robert Cheaib from Pixabay

St. Francis and Lady Poverty

Reflecting on how Francis and the brothers honored Lady Poverty has helped me to see how they lived their walking in the footsteps of Christ.
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