Minute Meditations

God Provides the Balance

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People walked days to hear me preach and in such numbers that I often spoke outdoors. I did not insist on pulpit or shade. I spoke in my clearest, strongest voice, teaching them the word of God and its challenges, encouraging them to be faithful. I would also urge people not to judge by appearances, but it is a great temptation. In considering your undulations, you do well to consider a balance between appearances and inward realities. Do they speak in concert or discord?

Do not look to my life, however—or to the lives of others—but your own. Bring your words and your work to the center and there you will find Christ who will hold you up as you find the balance.

—from the book A Retreat with Saint Anthony: Finding Our Way
by Carol Ann Morrow

Saint Anthony of Padua | Franciscan Media

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