Minute Meditations

Loving Father to the Son of God

father and son playing in a field

Joseph held before his very eyes the one who is himself the ultimate enticement of the human heart. His yes to the Father’s plan echoed in the life he shared with Mary and Jesus, just as the “I do” of marital consent resounds in the daily life of the Christian couple. Purified by Mary’s lJoseove and then the love of her son, Joseph cared for them both with an upright and undivided heart.

Joseph’s love of Mary freed him from the bonds of concupiscence. Sensual lust had no place in the home at Nazareth. The sole pride of Joseph’s life was the privilege of caring for Jesus and his mother. An ongoing purification of vision assured Joseph’s ability to recognize and fulfill the will of God in everything.

—from the book Joseph: The Man Who Raised Jesus
by Fr. Gary Caster

Saint Joseph: The Man Who Raised Jesus | Franciscan Media

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