Catholic Families

Newborn baby sleeping | Photo by Zoe Graham on Unsplash

Let Us Pray: Endless Love

God opened a door deep within me, from a place I had never experienced or even understood existed.
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Faith on Vacation

So whether your family’s going to Disney World, attending a retreat, or just staying at home, remember that there are always ways to include your faith in your vacation plans.
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In the Hands of Christ 

Adult children taking on the care of a parent with dementia embody Christ’s love. 
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Let Us Pray: New Beginnings

God encounters our season of pain and brings forth healing and new life.
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The Reality of Love

I have a confession to make: Sometimes I don’t like my kids. The same thing goes for my husband, Mark, too.
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Franciscan Inspirations: An Important Question for Fathers

I came across a beautiful observation about dads and wanted to share it with you. “The warmest scarf a man can wear is the arm of his little boy or girl around his neck.” It is so true.
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