teenager reading the Bible while sitting on a wood floor

Seeking the Lord

Scripture tells us that those who seek the Lord “lack no good thing.” (Ps 34:11) But the absolute certainty of such a verse may feel a little strange to our modern ear.
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man sitting by the water reflecting

Timothy’s Help

Despite the two letters written to St. Timothy, he doesn’t get a lot of personal face time in the Bible; his various snippets are scattered.
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woman raising her hands toward the sky.

Here I Am, Lord

“He [Ananias] answered, ‘Here I am, Lord’” (Acts 9:10). The words “Here I am, Lord” are spoken by a variety of people in the Bible, including St. Ananias.
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Basket of food and wine

Making Sense Out of Scripture 

The Bible provides a number of straightforward teachings about how a disciple of Jesus is to live, but there are less clear lessons too.
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Lighthouse in a storm.

Unfailing and Steadfast

The beauty of being human is to turn to our spiritual ancestors, to cherish what they left behind, what remains.
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The Bible’s Supporting Players: Lydia

Did you ever wonder to whom St. Paul wrote the following inspiring words in his Letter to the Philippians?
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