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The Kingdom of God

This blog on the kingdom of God is at the heart of what Evangelization is all about.

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A New Friend’s Example

Reflect “I am well supplied because of what I received from you through Epaphroditus.”—Philippians 4:18 St. Epaphroditus is one of those biblical Christians from Philippi—those Christians who seemed to be full of joy and brought cheer to Paul. Actually, the …

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Thinking with the Mind of Another

Reflect Have you ever considered how reading is actually thinking with the mind of another? As we read, we let the author, whether it’s Tolstoy, Shakespeare, Emily Dickinson, or Toni Morrison to think inside our head. As we read, we …

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Four Intriguing Women

Reflect Whenever I hear that reading in Mass—the one listing the many ancestors of Christ—it often becomes rhythmic to my ears. Five spots, however, punctuate that soothing rhythm with women’s names inserted. Mary—it’s easy to understand her inclusion. But we …

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The Rich Man and His Harvest: A Gospel Parable

There are 18 parables in the Gospel of Luke. One of the shortest ones contains one of the most powerful messages.

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Jesus and his disciples

How Jesus Avoided Burnout

Jesus set the example for addressing stress and fear.

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