Dear Reader: To Give Up or Not to Give Up?

A few years ago, a friend of mine told me that she wasn’t going to give anything up for Lent that year. She felt that taking a more active approach to the season seemed more spiritually fulfilling. Her plan was to spend her 40 days actively living her faith by doing things such as donating items she no longer needed or volunteering at a local nonprofit.

Since then, I’ve heard a lot more people also taking this approach to Lent. But as Amy Ekeh points out in her article “10 Reasons to Fast This Lent,” that approach might not be the right one for everyone. After all, she reminds us, there is a purpose behind this long-standing practice.

No matter how we approach the season of Lent, though, it offers us 40 days to reflect on and renew our faith. One of those ways is through prayer. This month’s article “Quieting Our Hearts during Lent,” by Laurence Freeman, OSB, offers a wonderful invitation and guide to welcoming the practice of meditation into our Lenten practices.

Whatever your Lenten journey looks like, may it be a blessed and peaceful time that brings you closer to Christ.

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