Pause + Pray

Winter Prayer

Snow covered hills


In these cold winter months, the snow blanketing the ground may seem like a blissful sight from inside of our warm houses. But many do not have such a luxury. In the bitter cold, let us not forget those who have less.


God of all seasons,
the winter months are hard for those who cannot escape the cold.
I cannot clothe the world,
but I can offer this prayer to those who are without four walls
to protect them from the season.
May this prayer find those who struggle to fight the cold,
that they may feel the warmth of your love.
Jesus wrapped his arms around those who struggled.
Let me do my best to follow that example.


Donate old clothes that are taking up space in your closet. A warm coat or a neglected sweater can mean the difference between a good day and bad one for those who are unhoused.

Pause and Pray

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