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Treat People Like Angels

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Mystic and activist Dorothy Day remarked that “I speak to people as if they were angels.” See the best in others, be the best to others, and bring out the best in others. Each encounter is an opportunity to help people become their best selves by addressing them as people of value, worth, and holiness.


God of holiness and love,
open my eyes to the angels in people I meet.
Let me speak words of love and healing,
and bring forth the best in them
by being my best to them.


Be mindful of every encounter today. You are on holy ground. Speak truth with love. Address people with respect, kindness, and good humor, most especially those whose behaviors challenge your patience and tolerance.

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2 thoughts on “Treat People Like Angels”

  1. Beautiful thought from a woman who not only talked the talk, but walked the walk.
    If we can only believe that each person we come in touch with is doing the best he/she can @ that moment in life, we wouldn’t be judgmental in our interactions with others. That lesson was taught to me many years ago by a friend in AA. That doesn’t mean there isn’t room for improvement…always, but that our place is not to judge. *Q In PA

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