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Wading in the High Waters

man walking into ocean waves


The past few years have been difficult for us all. There have been many instances when we have found ourselves wading in the high waters, looking out in the fog, hoping and praying for land on the horizon—for a ray of light to mark our new way forward. In times of uncertainty, may we lean into the waves. May we not fear their strength but marvel in their mercy in helping us get to our destination. May the God who calms the seas bring us peace amid the fog.


When the waves are too high,
When the fog hides the sun’s rays,
God of peace,
God of certainty,
May I lean into your strength,
and may I lean into your grace.
In moments when the horizon is unknown,
May I be reminded that you see me,
you know me.
And that is enough.
That will bring me forth into the sun’s light.


Today, find 10 minutes to sit with the Bible passage of the disciples getting caught in the storm and Jesus calming the wind and waves. Read it thoroughly through once and then a second time. This time, immerse yourself in the story. Bring your hopes and fears for the future and ask Jesus to calm the waves in your own life.

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