Pause + Pray

Relishing the Joy of the Present


Vacations are a lot like happiness: pleasant but fleeting. What is longer-lasting than happiness, though, is joy. But to truly experience it and keep it alive, we must remain deeply aware of the present.


Loving God, as I close my eyes and take in a breath of air, 
let me be reminded that you are in the very air that fills my lungs.
As I exhale, remind me that I am breathing you
back out into the world.
In you there is abiding love. In you there is eternal joy.
In a single solitary breath there is enough joy to fill the world.
I can only imagine how much life and light emanates
from the collective breath of humanity, all in the holy present.


Try practicing mindfulness. Research has shown that mindfulness is not only beneficial for the mind, but the body as well. There’s no time like the present!

Pause and Pray from Franciscan Media


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