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Living with Clenched Fists


The sin of greed obsesses about self-preservation. A far cry from wise stewardship, it arises from the belief that God cannot be trusted to take care of my needs, and so I horde and hide the essentials of daily living. The COVID-19 pandemic clearly betrayed how this sin hugs the human heart as people binge-shopped for toilet paper, disinfectant, and cereal. Greed’s antidote is trust in God and charity toward others. Those virtues are celebrated in the Gospel story of a young boy donating his five loaves and two fish to feed 5,000 people.


Lord Jesus, you challenge me not to worry about food, drink, or clothing.
Your Father feeds the birds and clothes the lilies of the field.
Grant me a faith that does not insult you with my worry about my daily needs.
Give me a generous heart 
so that I might spontaneously respond to the outstretched hand,
the cry for help, or the person in need.
May my faith and love give hope to others.


Share something you have with someone in need today.

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