Pause + Pray

Glad Tidings

A man is climbing rocks in a mountain


With apparent joy, the prophet Isaiah tells us, “How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of the one who brings glad tidings…” (cf. 52:7), and we know it is true. The one who brings us good news or glad tidings is always welcomed at our door. When there is a mountain to climb, a word of encouragement and hope is exactly what most of us need. And isn’t that the witness we are called to be for the world? 


You are Light for the world.
Let me be a witness to your love on every mountain,
And give me the courage and the faith
To bear your light into every darkness.


Many of the prophecies in Isaiah address the Hebrew people in exile or under siege. Is there someone in your life who feels isolated, exiled, perhaps even under siege? Offer a prayer for that person and ask God what glad tidings He wants you to bring them. It may feel daunting, like climbing a mountain, but don’t be afraid.  Someone needs your good tidings. Make that call or knock on that door today.

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