Pause + Pray

Gabriel’s Wings


Sometimes, in the rush and busyness of our lives, we forget that our prayers come from a truly holy source, and that we, too, are holy. Remember how beautiful it is to speak the words of Gabriel every time we say, “Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee.”


How blessed we are to have a prayer
that begins with the words of an angel
spoken to the Blessed Mother.
Gabriel, on bended knee,
leaning toward her,
leaning with love,
her face lit up
with gold light shining
from his wide-open wings.
Let us give thanks
for Gabriel’s hallowed visit,
and for giving us words that, like wings,
keep our love for her unfolding.


Carve out some time to say the rosary today, and delight in each Hail Mary prayer—simple as glass beads, but also the words of angels: heavenly.

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