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Falling Upward

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The days are getting shorter and the trees are losing their leaves. Fall always brings with it a sense of reflection as the year is winding down. How do you use this time to deepen your prayer life?


God of every season,
you give us autumn as a reward
for surviving the summer heat.
I will not take this time for granted.
Though the days are shorter,
my need for peace grows deeper—
and I know it is a peace
that only you can bring.
Overhead I see the migrating birds
and a withering sun struggling
to warm the earth.
I, too, need the warmth
that your grace provides.
In this cherished season,
let your light find me in the growing darkness.


Share this prayer with somebody whose moods are dictated by the seasons. A prayerful word can go far for a soul in need.

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1 thought on “Falling Upward”

  1. Lord Jesus Christ, you are gracious, merciful, and kind. Set us free from our prejudice and intolerance towards those we find disagreeable and widen our hearts to love and to do good even to those who wish us harm or evil. Amen.

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