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St. Thérèse Kissing the Floor

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“I was unable to meet her [the mother prioress] without having to kiss the floor.”—St. Thérèse of Lisieux

It was a custom in the time of St. Thérèse for nuns to kiss the floor when corrected for a fault. During her early years at Carmel, Thérèse’s mother superior was rather ill and often short-tempered. However, St. Thérèse used this severity to grow closer to God—who she counted as her true spiritual director. By leaning on God, Thérèse endured the many criticisms and kissed the floor with grace.


St. Thérèse,
We all have difficult people in our lives.
Pray that we may seek God in them, and react to them in a holy pleasing to God.
Also, pray that we might remember that harsh people are not God,
that God is our best and truest spiritual director.


Think of someone in your life who tends to be overly critical. Try to see God in them for just a moment. Maybe say a quick prayer for them, and remember that God’s corrections are the ones that matter the most in your life.

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