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Don’t Toss in the Towel!


The seventh deadly sin is not sloth or laziness. It’s acedia [apathy]the spiritual indifference that arises from discouragement. “I should be further along in the spiritual life,” and because I don’t see the progress I was hoping for I toss in the towel, give up on prayer and spiritual practices, and turn away from God. It’s aptly been called the “noonday devil,” since it happens when the sun is at high noon, I’m weary, and I have nothing to show for my spiritual progress. Overcome it through persistence, fidelity, and spiritual practice.


Loving God, your grace alone is the source of my spiritual progress.
I mistakenly believe that I can make myself a saint by my own efforts.
May your Spirit remind me that I am called to be faithful and persistent,
even when I don’t see any spiritual progress.
May I come to the awareness that I am where I am spiritually
because this is where you want me to be.


Commit to daily prayer despite a lack of spiritual progress. Journal about feeling spiritually stuck, and you might discover some new insights about where and how to grow.

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