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Do You Believe?


We often think of Lent as a time of taking a moral inventory, of penance, of aligning our thoughts, words, and actions with the message of Jesus. But that’s only one aspect of the Lenten season. It’s also a time to reexamine and deepen our faith in God who raised Jesus from the dead. Jesus promises eternal life to those who harbor that belief.


Father, you raised Jesus from the dead and promise eternal life
to all those who believe in his resurrection.

May my faith in the resurrection be a soothing balm
in times of disappointment.

May it provide a ground of hope in times of tragedy.
May it provide the key that finally opens the gates to my heavenly home.
I believe—help my unbelief!


Prayerfully read the Apostles or Nicene Creed. Commit to one specific action today that illustrates your belief in its words.

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