Pause + Pray

Listen to God’s Voice


We all have those days when the background thoughts in our brains are self-critical and judgmental, convincing us we deserve God’s wrath. We can slip into the childhood tendency to fear God. Not the “awe” kind of fear, but the “fires of hell” kind.


Dear Lord, I know you are not a harsh judge
or a temperamental critic w
aiting to catch me in my sin
and punish my failings
Help my heart and head grasp that you love me unconditionally
despite my faults.

You know me better than anyone,
and you are for me, not against me.

I don’t need to fear your wrath or anger;
I only need to rest in your love.



Pay attention to the background chatter in your mind today. Catch yourself when self-criticism starts up, and replace it with thoughts of God’s love.



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