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All Is Gift


Today, as we celebrate Christ’s birth, we also spend time with loved ones and exchange gifts. Amid the strewn wrapping paper, stockings overflowing with goodies, and flurry of family conversations, it can be easy to miss a chance to center ourselves with prayer. May this prayer help keep you grounded in the true significance of this holy, beautiful day.


God, thank you for sending your Son to us.
I don’t know if I’ve said that anywhere near as many times as I should.
Today, we celebrate the birth of your Son, and all that that gift entails.
Yes, we’re celebrating the presence of loved ones in our lives,
but let us recall that the joy we feel emanates from you.
Bless us on this glorious day as we give thanks and praise
for the gift of Jesus to the world.



Think of a gift you can give someone today that is not a physical product with a receipt and return policy. These are the kinds of gifts that truly reflect the meaning of Christmas.

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