December 25, 2021

Painting of the Nativity of the Lord

Nativity of the Lord

All feast days celebrate, in one way or another, the gifts of God granted to us human beings. Today we celebrate THE gift─the Son of God made flesh. A gift granted to all people of all times and places. Truly ...
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Christmas Day: A Catholic Family Advent

Seeing all the celebration that surrounds Jesus’s birth, it seems appropriate that we should likewise celebrate how special each of us is.
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All Is Gift

Think of a gift you can give someone that is not a physical product with a receipt and return policy. Could it be a hug? A kind word? A beautiful memory shared? These are the kinds of gifts that truly ...
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Always Our Children

We know how fragile newborn life can be. And we know that these tiny lives can still be lost, even with all the technological advances of our own century.
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