Person in front of a sunset
Pause and Pray

Calling on the Saints

Nov 23, 2020 Pause+Pray
The saints are popular because they are both holy and wholly relatable. Often we can find aspects of their lives that mirror our own.

Carry the Peace

Nov 22, 2020 Pause+Pray
Peace does not mean everything is perfect or feels good all the time. Rather, peace is the living presence of God at all times, in all situations.

Never a Stranger

Nov 21, 2020 Pause+Pray
Dutch-born Charles of Mount Argus spent 35 years in Ireland and England, never really mastering the language. But the priest’s friendliness and healing gifts made him beloved by all.

Gifts and Grace

Nov 20, 2020 Pause+Pray
Sometimes the demands that are placed upon us fuel expectations that mysteriously bind themselves to us. May this prayer inspire you to release the narratives and enjoy the gifts and grace of the day.

A Helping Hand

Nov 19, 2020 Pause+Pray
Each of us, throughout our lives, will encounter challenging times where we need someone we can turn to for help and support.

Sowing Peace

Nov 18, 2020 Pause+Pray
In a world of violence, hatred, and division, Jesus implores us to work for peace. We hope against all odds, believing that Divine love will one day have the victory.

Wait with Openness

Nov 17, 2020 Pause+Pray
Trust in the slow work of God. If we try to control our life, we will never be at peace. Wait with openness and unclench your fists.

Forgiving with Bakhita

Nov 16, 2020 Pause+Pray
Josephine Bakhita said that if she met her torturers she would kiss their feet, for without them she would not have become a Christian or a woman religious.

Rain or Shine

Nov 15, 2020 Pause+Pray
A dark cloud may mean a welcome rain, but it seldom lifts my spirit to say an Alleluia. I want sunshine.