Minute Meditations

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Celebrate the Tension

The tension within each of us is not necessarily bad and is not sinful. Like our human emotions, the tension our longing causes is neutral.
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The Sacred Word

God’s plan is to bring everything together under Christ. And each one of us plays a part in that sacred plan. Our faith is a beautiful, developing drama, a beauty whose end we cannot see. Starting with the first day ...
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God, Our Protector

God knows the dangers that surround our souls. He doesn’t want anything to impede the goal of our spiritual life: union with him. God knows our every weakness and our need for continuous, loving guidance to avoid the dangers that ...
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Mary, the Perfect Mother

Mary’s is the ultimate birth story. She walked through her life at Jesus’ side, loving him with a real human love and at the same time understanding his divine purpose. She bore the tension of living in perfect joy and ...
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The Desire to Know God

When he created us, God placed inside us the desire to know him and to be united to him. Just as we experience physical hunger pangs when we need to fuel our bodies, we experience spiritual hunger pangs—angst that nothing ...
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The Good News Is Joy

Joy is the gist of the Christian Good News. Yet, only if we open wide our senses will we be able to drink from the source of this joy. Only then will the Good News prove truly good and ever ...
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Opening Ourselves to God

I would like to emphasize the beauty of a simple contemplative prayer, accessible to all, great and small, the educated and those with little education. It is the prayer of the Holy Rosary. In the Rosary we turn to the ...
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