Minute Meditations

Filled with Grace

woman praying in church

We all imitate Mary and experience her reality every time we attend Mass. When we say Amen to receive the Eucharist, we become vessels carrying the Son of God. We too, become Christ-bearers, holding divinity and humanity in the temple of our being; we are, by this sacrament, “full of Grace.”

If they were alive, the Magi might come from afar to pay homage to this “pure, holy, and spotless” gift within us, one that is freely given at a tremendous price. Often, I like to hold the Host on the tip of my tongue as I slowly proceed back to my pew. In the dark church, a feminine presence accompanies me during the early morning hours. A series of angels bow, one by one, as we pass. God has looked with favor on this lowly servant.

—from the book Universal Mother: A Journal for Finding Yourself in Mary
by Holly Schapker and Cecelia Dorger

Universal Mother

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