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Let Justice Flow Like a River

Dorothy Day lived in a time replete with injustice against others, and she actively refused to fade into all the noise. Her life—marked by justice and solidarity—serves as a reminder of the gospel message.

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Sharing Table Fellowship

Sometimes our faith can feel isolating. Yet its promise is that Jesus welcomes us all to the table as we rejoice in his love for us.

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Negotiating Anxiety

Depression and anxiety is not a reality one can just pray away. It’s important to know that we can always seek medical, therapeutic, and spiritual help. God wants us to know he makes space for our pain.

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Return to Life

In the Book of Ezekiel, God commands the prophet to prophesy and command dry bones to come back to life. The same voice that spoke to Ezekiel compels our bones to rise into the light of God.

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Making Peaceful Spaces

Our world is full of noise. But it is in the moments when we allow ourselves to be still that we can encounter a peace that is life-giving.

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Is Anybody Listening?

There are seasons in our life where we feel absolute loneliness–feeling unheard by both God and those in our lives. When we feel ourselves in this space may we turn to the one who never leaves us, because he, too, knows the pain of feeling unheard.

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