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woman looking up questioning

Pray Like Martha

Martha and her siblings Mary and Lazarus were dear friends of Jesus. In two different circumstances, Martha is direct and tenacious in her questions toward Jesus.

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Woman sitting by water, peaceful

Where Is the Peace?

Reflect In his poem “The Peace of Wild Things,” Wendell Berry writes about how peace can be found and experienced in the wild things found

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woman smiling joyfully

Let Your Life Speak

Reflect One of the most well-known poems of Mary Oliver is “The Summer Day.” She ends it with some of her most famous words, “Tell

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hands with yes and no signs

Polarization vs. Alienation

Reflect One of the saddest realizations of our current culture is how polarized we Americans have become—politics, faith, how we treat people different than us.

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hand holding megaphone

Be a Prophet Like John

Reflect If John the Baptist walked among us today, we probably would be quite scandalized by his camel hair clothes and bug-eating ways. And yet,

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Man staring up in wonder

Help. Thanks. Wow.

Reflect In her book with this very title, Anne Lamott shows how these three prayers—asking for help, appreciating the good we find, and feeling awe

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