September 23, 2022

San Juan archbishop struggles with slow communications following Fiona

Puerto Rico’s archbishop said he has not been in contact with all his priests since Hurricane Fiona knocked out power to the island, and he expressed concern for the hurricane’s impact on the southern and western parts of the island.

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Ask a Franciscan: Inner and Outer Beauty

Should a laywoman use artificial beauty aids such as hair coloring, nails, eyelashes, or makeup? 

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The Sweetness of Doing Nothing

Italians—and other southern Europeans—practice “the sweetness of doing nothing” with much of their lifestyle. They emphasize our God-given gift of rest.

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Capturing Padre Pio

A journalist recalls his interview with this beloved Capuchin Franciscan saint.

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Saint Pio of Pietrelcina: Pray for Us!

The earthly existence of Padre Pio was abundantly full of mysterious phenomena and events.

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