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Sometimes podcasts can be difficult to find because they have a focus on one specific topic. If you’re not interested in that topic, you’re out of luck. Then there are those that offer a wide range of topics from which you can choose—all within that one podcast. The Good Life Project podcast is one of those. Founded by husband-and-wife team Stephanie and Jonathan Fields, the podcast has been featured in Forbes, the New York TimesPsychology Today, and O: The Oprah Magazine.

The format of the program is a conversational one, with host Jonathan Fields talking with leading voices in art, science, industry, and culture about what it means to live a good life. Guests explore the role of happiness, meaning, work, love, purpose, kindness, friendship, and more. They also talk about how things like status, circumstance, gender, privilege, race, identity, and more play into the quest to live your best life.

According to the project’s website, guests—who are called embodied teachers—are those “who don’t just talk the talk, but also walk the walk. You know, those amazing humans who you just sense have figured something important out by the way they live their lives and make meaning.” The goal of the program, it says, is to “share inspirational, intimate, and disarmingly unfiltered conversations about living a fully engaged, fiercely connected, and purpose-drenched life.”

Guests on the podcast come from a wide range of backgrounds. Some are well-known people such as Brene Brown, actor Matthew McConaughey, and Barbara Corcoran, of the TV show Shark Tank. The majority of guests, however, are ones who may not be known to listeners but, nonetheless, have powerful, insightful stories to share.

Just a sampling of the hundreds of episodes on the podcast are: Rabbi Steve Leder (“How to Live What Matters”), Tiffani R. Moore (“Living and Flourishing with Chronic Illness”), Matthew McConaughey (“Just Keep Livin’”), Tara Brach (“Wisdom for Anxious Times”), and Ibram X. Kendi (“How to Raise an Antiracist”).

The only downside—if you want to call it that—is that there is so much rich content in this podcast, as seen in the  sampling above, that it sometimes feels a bit overwhelming trying to decide what to listen to next. What is certain, though, is that whichever episode you choose, you will find an interesting and insightful conversation.

A bonus is that in the description of each episode, listeners are offered further information about each guest, such as his or her website and social media presence, and suggestions for related interviews to listen to. Some of the interviews have also been filmed and are featured on Jonathan Fields’ YouTube page. The Good Life Project airs twice a week, on Mondays and Thursdays.

If you want to make sure you don’t miss any of the new episodes, subscribe to the podcast at the Good Life Project website ( A companion podcast to check out is SPARKED, in which Fields and guests from the “SPARKED Braintrust” discuss work-related questions posed by listeners.

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