September 22, 2022

Stained Glass Window of Saint Lorenzo Ruiz and Companions

Saint Lorenzo Ruiz and Companions

Saint Lorenzo Ruiz, the first canonized Filipino martyr, became a witness to the faith almost by accident. Fleeing a legal charge, he ended up with a group of Dominicans headed for Japan, where they were all arrested, tortured, and finally ...
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Pope calls for increased assistance to those hit by Hurricane Fiona

As Hurricane Fiona swept across the Caribbean, leaving behind numerous victims and material destruction, Pope Francis called for greater solidarity in assisting all those affected.
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From Darkness to Light

After losing his family, St. Alphonsus Rodriguez could have become bitter and angry with God. Instead he became a Jesuit lay brother and served the community as a doorkeeper.
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Falling Away to God

If we’re going to live peacefully with each other and with our God-given Earth, many of us are going to have to let some things fall away.
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Obedient Suffering

Padre Pio was perfectly aware of the day when he would die.
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