July 27, 2022

Sunday Soundbite for July 31, 2022

In today’s Gospel Jesus invites us to ponder what are the true riches in human life. Jesus teaches that those who rely solely on material goods and allow them to control their existence to the point of greed and possessiveness are storing up treasures that will not last. 

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Pope joins Indigenous pilgrims at lake known for its healing waters

Pope Francis joined Indigenous pilgrims at a lake known for miraculous healings and encouraged them to lay their burdens on the shore.

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Faith and Family for July 31: Parable of the Rich Fool

This week’s Gospel tells the story of the rich man who continues to grown both his harvest and the barns in which he stores it. Jesus reminds him, though, that it could all be lost at any time.

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The Holy Women of Galilee

“There were many women there . . . who had followed Jesus from Galilee”—Matthew 27:55. Try to imagine these holy Galilean women at various scenes. Try to conceptualize how they may have felt, how they reacted. They are not often depicted, but they were there!

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Seven Days with Solanus Casey: Holy Witness to History

“Many are the rainbows, the sunbursts, the gentle breezes—and the hailstorms—we are liable to meet before, by the grace of God, we shall be able to tumble into our graves.”

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