June 5, 2022

Saint Boniface engraving

Saint Boniface

Saint Boniface was an English Benedictine monk who made it his life’s mission to convert the Germanic tribes to Christianity. He found it was no easy task and ended up giving his life for the cause. Boniface was martyred on ...
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Experiencing the Breath of God

Try to pay attention to your breathing for a full minute. As you breathe in fill your heart with gratitude; as you breathe out relinquish any tension you are holding.
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Saint Anthony Novena Day Two: Rooted in Scripture

Anthony had an extraordinary knowledge of Scripture, thanks to the natural gifts that were expanded by his excellent education as an Augustinian canon.
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Breathing with God

The Holy Spirit is the unseen power that fuels the ministry and activity of the apostles and gives them the courage to speak in Jesus’ name.
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